I created this podcast mainly for educational purposes. As the title indicates, it is for dummies like me who are interested in the stock market, but do not have much money and experience. I am not a professional in the stock market, but an amateur who loves the equity market and committed to seeking my financial independence through stock picking including discovering bargains and using different strategies to accomplish my financial goals.

If an average investor like me can be successful in the stock market, many average retail investors can also be successful in their own right, as I believe everybody has his or her personal edge. 

My Personal

As an amateur/average investor, I realize that the stock market has not stacked in our favor. But with the passion, commitments and knowledge we can also be successful in our own right. My personal story is a good testament to it. I had been on and off the stock market during my first fifteen years because I had a full-time job as a data analyst. Over the years, I have subscribed to many newsletters and attended seminars to accumulate my knowledge in the equity market. For the past five years, I spent most of my time doing the equity trading or investment. I have managed my own brokage account as well as my family member’s accounts. My double digit annual returns over the past few years have enabled me to be financially independent now.



Utilizing the podcasts I am about to create, I want to serve as a useful inspiration as well as a resource to those who have little money and little experience, but who are motivated about making money through the equity market. The Stock Investments For Dummy's Club podcasts have a mission to give many average investors a taste of what goes on in my way of trading or by sharing my passions, my thoughts, as well as my strategies in the stock investment.

Jim Lin