Podcasts Addressing
Simplistic Investing

Utilizing the Lin’s Podcasts, he will be serving as a useful inspiration as well as a resource to those who have little money and little experience, but who are motivated about making money through the equity market. The Stock Investments For Dummy’s Club podcasts have a mission to give many average investors a taste of what goes on in my way of trading or by sharing his passions, his thoughts, as well as Lin’s strategies in stock investments.

From Age 21+

It is never too soon to start your portfolio. As a matter of fact the earlier you begin the more time your Investments have to compound themselves. Don't think you need a lot of money to get started. $100 could start your first Investment.

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Invest With
Little or No Experience

This podcast site is mainly for educational purposes. It is for dummies like its creator who are interested in the stock market, but do not have much money and experience.

Simple Investment
Strategy Podcasts

If an average investor like Jim Lin can be successful in the stock market, many average retail investor can also be successful in their own right as he believes everybody has his or her personal edge.

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